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Alastair McDougall

I was fortunate to go to a school in Edinburgh (George Heriot's) where there were Art teachers keen to pass on their own knowledge of classical art training - figure drawing in particular. When it came to career choices, wiser heads than mine steered me away from art and I spent a long career, like so many,  at a desk in an office.
Eventually I broke free and took up painting again.
Of course those long years of salary-slavery made their mark. I know that most people today live  in the wholly man-made environment of the City, in the crushing anonymity of the huge corporation. The countryside, wild hills or gentle pastures represent something of a dream, the place to escape, and artwork offers an opportunity to make a statement of identity.

Why is it that so many people want to spend their leisure hours in the hills?

-To be reminded of the smallness of human life in relation togeological time?
- To be taken by surprise by the changingsunlight and weather?

-Or simply to go to a place that is not where they work?

Landscape painting. Bringing the outdoors indoors.

Exploring the outdoors, getting away from it all, is good for us..... BUT - there is never enough time. So - my mission is to capture in paintings some of the feelings, the uplift, I enjoy from my wanderings.

I strive to capture something of the great outdoors in my work, and also offer some comment on scale - huge horizons, enormous geology, fleeting changes - how do these contrast with city life?

This site contains a few samples of my work, I hope you enjoy browsing. Some paintings are For Sale - Enquiries welcome with no commitment. email beaconsart@yahoo.com.


"The basic claim of contextualismis that an art work is ontologically not just the sum of the empiricalperceptible properties of an artefact, but that artworks consist also ofrelational properties that are determined by its historical, cultural andpractical context. The proper experience of an artwork is therefore not a moreor less unmediated sense-perception, but it is dependent on an interpretationalapproach."


In short - beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

A storm blew up within minutes of this - thunder and lightning, which is not nice when you have a metal easel! I came off the hill very quickly.

It is a huge pleasure getting out and 'scouting' for the best views. This is the Sugar Loaf above Abergavenny.

My Work

If I am to succeed in capturing my own exhiliration from the landscape, I must spend time out there - but - unlike the French Riviera, our climate changes from day to day. The sun will probably not be there again tomorrow, so I have to work quickly.


I began painting seriously in 2013. Before that all of my creative energy - and time - was taken up with the greasy pole of career. My training was in Edinburgh where I was fortunate to go to a school where the art staff were committed to traditional teaching.

Eventually I was able to commit time to painting and have developed my expressive outdoor style.
My work has been shown in:
                       Waterloo Gardens exhibition space, Roath, Cardiff
                       The Gate, Roath, Cardiff
                       Pierhead Building, Cardiff Bay
                       Crickhowell Open Studios
                       Welsh Government Senedd building (see left)

My work has sold to clients in South Africa, Florida, California, Germany and across South Wales of course.

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