The Landscape

 .....      is where we live, exist. 
Where we wander, reflect and dream.
Our landscape is like the inside of our home, comfortable yet marked by our existence.
But this is a home we share with every other person, and we have to be worried about what we are all doing to it.

Landscape Art and Life

For many of us today, it is hard to escape from the often catastrophic impact of mankind : cities teeming with anonymous crowds jostling through brutal architecture. Too many noisy and dirty cars.
Constant reminders of our destruction of the natural world: fires, floods.

Landscape paintings can offer a counterpoint that is both a reminder of and an escape from that relentless awfulness, to let the viewer see an alternative and to gain some uplift, a boost to the soul.
The 'pastoral idyll' is not meaningless escapism. We are surrounded by and constantly reminded of the ecological destruction of mankind's relentless pursuit of economic growth. 
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