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The Landscape - Where we wander, reflect and dream.

Our landscape is like the inside of our home, comfortable yet marked by our existence.
But this is a home we share with every other person, and we have to be worried about what we are all doing to it.

The three peaks of the central Brecon Beacons - in both the paintings above.

From left to right - Corn Du, Penyfan and Cribyn.
At around 800m high, these may not be classified as 'mountains', but it is striking how quickly the weather sweeps across.
I have been painting these hills for many years, producing and selling landscapes that reflect my own pleasure. No two visits are the same. Now, though, I have to be concerned for the future. These views must be there to be enjoyed by the generations to come as much as I have enjoyed them, so my painting has 'turned a corner'. While I still hope to pass on the exhilaration I gain, with the sense of wonder at the magnificence of nature, there is now always that nagging thought - 'what are we doing?'
These hills be be here long after all of us are gone just as they have been here for millenia before us, but what state will they be in? Will those dark clouds turn to storms?

Landscape Art - 

"The painter's first priority should be to provide a feast for the eye" - This is a quote allegedly from Delacroix (who lived in the first half of the 19th century, so I didn't know him well!), and I strive to deliver just that. BUT - Having spent my career in the artificial environment of large organisations, being pulled to paint in the hills was probably some kind of 'decompression'.

We are surrounded by and constantly reminded of the ecological destruction of mankind's relentless pursuit of economic growth. 

The 'pastoral idyll' is not meaningless escapism. Landscape paintings can offer a counterpoint that is both a reminder of and an escape from the relentless awfulness of city life, to let the viewer see an alternative, to gain uplift, a boost to the soul AND to be reminded that our world is worth taking care of.

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