I know that we change our cars much more often than we change the artwork on the wall!
So - having chosen a print, (or, a SET of prints!) the next step is to choose how to present it in your home / office / gazebo.
The prints for sale on this site are, wherever possible, compatible with off-the-shelf ready-made frame sizes of which there are many available at stores on-line and on the High Street, so whether you take your print(s) along to a local framer or Do It Yourself, you will be able to choose something that will set off the print to best effect in its new home.

The sizes shown for any print are those of the actual picture. Where appropriate, your print will come with an additional 1" border all round to enable you easily to fix it to the mounting board which should come with the frame.

When buying your frame, make sure you know the size of the print as stated on this site and choose something with a mount (which is a surround that makes the picture stand out better) of a width that you like.

But - please note - These are high-quality prints. Professional framing usually offers non-reflective glass, and/or UltraViolet protection. These options may not be available DiY.

Fine Art Prints as Gifts

Many people give prints to a loved one or a friend as a gift. Something to enhance their living space. 

This is an original Oil, and these are often presented without a 'mounting'.

But, not always!
The point is - it is worth thinking carefully about your choice of Frame

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